(Web) Design in Surrey

Having built websites for clients across Surrey, Greater London and beyond since 2005, I understand every client’s needs are different. Here’s a few details on how we might work together.

1: The First Meeting.

The first meeting is an opportunity for us to get to know each other. We’ll meet somewhere at your convenience – usually a quiet location in the Kingston area – and spend about an hour talking over coffee.

During the meeting, we mostly listen. We want to know what the website should do, and how it might develop. By the end, we should have an idea of your needs and can give an estimate of timeframe and price.

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2: Initial Draft.

If you’re happy to proceed by the end of the first meeting, we take a deposit based on our estimates of timeframe and cost. Once you have sent us any agreed-upon content to build the site with, we can begin work on your initial draft, which should be ready in a few days.

This is usually either a single page from the final site or a mockup designed to show the colours, styles and general mood of a website.

3: Feedback and Revisions.

We discuss the draft, listen to your feedback and revise the initial design as necessary. (This might be by phone, email, Skype, or in person depending on our schedules and your preference).

When you’re happy with the draft we will start building the rest of the website. We work on the site in sections, getting your feedback, revising and repeating until the site is ready. There may be several revisions before the site is ready; in some cases, we set payment milestones at key stages of the project.

4: Going Live.

When the site is ready to “go live” (available to see by anyone who has your website address) the outstanding balance is paid. We like to have a final meeting to take the site live – that way, we can a) go over any final questions about the website’s upkeep and b) celebrate your new website over a coffee!

We usually include an hour of phone and email support to be used over the next month in the total cost, to cover any ongoing questions and give advice. After that, it’s over to you – although we hope you’ll stay in touch and let us know how things are going!

Ready to Talk?

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